Please call the school office when your child is absent from school.  We must verify each absence and make the appropriate documentation in your child’s record.  You may speak with our attendance secretary leave a message on our answering machine.  Parents may request homework by contacting the school before 12 noon.  Work requested by noon can be picked up on the same day, but work requested after 12 will be ready the next day.
Attendance Clerk:  
Mrs. Brenda Smith


  • School success is directly tied to school attendance. Our aim is for students to have an attendance rate of at least 95%. A 95% attendance rate can be achieved by missing 2 or fewer days of school each quarter. Students with strong attendance are more likely to achieve higher academic standards and complete high school. Studies show elementary student attendance is a strong indicator of future school performance.
  • Please keep the following in mind:
  • -Arriving late and signing students out early counts against their attendance rates.

  • -Chronic absenteeism (defined as missing 10% or more of school) increases achievement gaps at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

  • -First grade students, who had chronic kindergarten absences, on average perform significantly behind other first grade students in reading and math.

  • -Students chronically absent in kindergarten and first grade are MUCH less likely to read proficiently in third grade. Students who miss 10% or more days during kindergarten and first grade are only 17% likely to read proficiently in 3rd grade compared to 64% for students who miss less than 5% of school days.

  • -There is a strong connection between chronic absenteeism, early illiteracy, and dropping out of school.  

  • -Chronic absenteeism in elementary school places a child at-risk for dropping out in high school.

  • -Dardenne Elementary will recognize each student with Perfect Attendance at the end of each month starting in September.  We will also recognize Perfect Attendance at our end-of-the-year assemblies.  

  • -We recognize students may need to miss school due to illness and emergencies.  Please contact the school and communicate absences.

  • -We are proud of our Dardenne Knights who do everything they can to have strong attendance. 

  • Students with strong attendance are more likely to achieve more.  Attendance matters because your child deserves and opportunity to reach their fullest potential.