Contact Information
Brenda Simington, R.N. - Nurse
Ms. Gabrielle Forness, Clinic Clerk
Clinic Phone Number: 636-542-7625
Fax Number: 636-978-4012
Email: [email protected]

Note on Fevers:
A student with a body temperature of 100.0 or above 
and who has additional indications of illness will be sent home. The district recommends that a student with a fever of 101.0 and above remain out of school for 24 hours after fever returns to normal.

Our School Mission:  As a school community our mission is to accept ownership for all students’ learning by challenging our students to reach their academic potential in a climate that fosters cooperation, emotional support, and personal growth.


Prescription Medicine 

OTC Medicine

Health Inventory 

Asthma Assessment 
Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan 

U6-Seizure Action Plan revised 228 KB

U4-DiabetesCareGuide11.3 KB


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