School Safety

Locking of Doors

All doors are locked from 9:00AM—4:00 PM each school day.  

Arrival Students may begin arriving to school at 8:45 AM.  Students may arrive early when they are participating in a before school club or activity. Arrival– Parent Drop off Please follow our student drop off procedures to help keep traffic moving and keep all children safe.  When bringing your child to school you can either park is a parking space and walk your child to the office area, or parents may pull into the upper parking lot and drive to the crosswalk.  There will be teachers to greet your child beginning at 8:45 AM. Do not dismiss your child from the car before a staff member is present!! They will see them safely out of the car. Parents can then drive straight to the exit to make room for the next parents to drop off.  This is the best way for to keep our students safe and ensure out students get to class quickly so they can begin learning!  Please be aware the entrance to our school parking lot is ONE WAY ONLY. Our exit onto Highway K is at the traffic signal. Dismissal Our school day ends at 4:00 PM.  We dismiss students who are riding home with their parents at 3:55 PM. Students riding buses are dismissed from their classrooms beginning at 4:00 PM.  We make every effort to get the buses on the road by 4:10 PM.  A parent or verified adult must be present for a kindergarten student to be dismissed from the bus

Dismissal: Parent Pick-up

You are required to park and come into Dardenne when picking your child up from school. This is different than arrival.  Parents must come to the front lobby and sign out their child.  Students who are picked up every day will have their name on a list for you to sign. If you are picking up your child for just one day, please call and let the office know before 3:15 PM.  This will ensure your student will be at the right place when you come to get them.  Parking is very limited.  Please avoid parking in the bus lane after 3:40 PM. Please find a spot in the upper lot when picking students up during Parent Pick-up times. We also have handicap parking on the north side of the school.  

Emergency Early Dismissal or School Closures for Inclement Weather.

In the event of an emergency or school closing the School Messenger system will contact you using the information you provide at the beginning of the school year.  A recorded message will be delivered from the District Office or the building administrator.  The system can also leave a message on your answering machine or voicemail.  

Entering the Building

Guests must use the buzzer located next to the front doors in order to be admitted into the building. Please state your name and your purpose for your visit once greeted at the door. If you are here to pick up a student you will need to tell us who you are picking up. All visitors must report to the office, sign in, and take a visitors pass before they are allowed anywhere else in the building. This includes if you are here to eat lunch with your child.  

Parent Volunteer Form

All parents volunteering for field trips, parties or working in the building must have a completed background check. This can be completed by filling out the parent volunteer form that is in the first day folder. You may also print a form from the website or request one from the school office. Parent Volunteer Form

Signing out a Student

You must provide a picture ID to pick up a student. This is to ensure students are only dismissed with people that have proper approval.

Security Cameras

Dardenne is equipped with security cameras at all entrances and throughout our building. This helps our office staff monitor the building and grounds at any time throughout the day. Emergency Drills Students will practice safety emergency drills throughout the school year. They will practice these drills to ensure they know the safety procures in case there is a fire, earthquake, tornado or intruder.