Grading Policy

Grades will be reported to parents on a regular basis through quarterly report cards and progress
reports. In grades three through five, the progress of students is reported to parents/guardians in
the areas of academic achievement, teacher observations of student effort, and related student
progress (i.e. citizenship and work habits). Parents of students in 3rd – 5th grades can also access their
child’s academic progress using Parent Portal or Student 360.
The following grade scale is used:
95‐100 = A 74‐76 = C
90‐94 = A‐ 70‐73 = C‐
87‐89 = B+ 67‐69 = D+
84‐86 = B 64‐66 = D
80‐83 = B‐ 60‐63 = D‐
77‐79 = C+ Below 60 = F
Letter grades are indicative of the student’s performance related to the curriculum for the grade
level. Students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are graded in the same areas; however, the
determination of grades is individualized according the needs defined in the IEP.