School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer and Partnership with O’Fallon Police Department

Dardenne’s School Resource Officer, or SRO, is Officer Jill Bloomfield. Officer Bloomfield is a police officer with the O’Fallon Police Department who works in close contact with Dardenne Elementary. Officer Bloomfield also teaches Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) to our 5th Grade students. She makes frequent stops at Dardenne to help with security and hang out with students. She really adds to the security and community of our school. Students and parents may also notice that other police officers make an appearance at Dardenne throughout the year.  Fort Zumwalt has partnered with the O’Fallon Police Department to offer free school lunches to officers during the school day. This helps get police officers in the school and makes them visible to parents and most importantly students. The more opportunities we have to get our wonderful Police Department in our school the better. We can feel safe knowing that they are looking out for the best interest of our children.