Solar Eclipse August 21st
Solar Eclipse August 21st
Posted on 08/01/2017
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On August 21st, the Fort Zumwalt School District will be in the path of a solar eclipse. Teachers will be planning a fun day full of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) activities. Students will also have the opportunity to view the solar eclipse that afternoon. This will be such a powerful opportunity for students to learn about what an eclipse is and have the chance to view it! Students, staff and parent volunteers will receive special glasses to safely view the solar eclipse. Teachers will spend time teaching students how properly use the glasses and how to safely view the eclipse. If you would like to view the eclipse with your child(ren), you can sign up at Meet the Teacher Night, Kindergarten Orientation or you can call and notify the office.You must have an updated volunteer request form to view the eclipse with your child at school (form is linked at the bottom of the page). Parents can choose to have their child “opt out” of the eclipse viewing by calling the office. These students will watch a live streaming of the eclipse inside the building.

Students will be taught the following safety procedures: -Because students will not be able to walk safely wearing the eclipse glasses, they will be instructed to walk to their viewing location without looking at the sky. -Students will be instructed to turn their back to the sun, bend over, and then put on their glasses. -Students will turn around to view the eclipse. -When students finish viewing, they will turn around with their glasses on. -Students will bend over with their backs to the sky to take off their glasses. -Students will walk back into the building without looking at the sky.

*Students will be required to sign a Student Safety Contract prior to August 21, 2017 (teachers will give these to students)

Click here to view additional eclipse information and to view the Student Safety Contract

For more information about viewing the eclipse safely with glasses, go to this website:

Click here for a volunteer request form